I am a counsellor who provides counselling to indivuals that want to make significant changes in their lives. I focus on improving how each person percieves and navigates through life's challenges and relationships with themselves and others.

Are you ready for a change?

You may not be able to create your new and improved life on your own and are looking for a professional to help you make those changes a reality. I understand that each person has a unique and complex emotional, physical, psychological, social and spiritual makeup.

My counselling approach is to first listen to your story then help you identify and develop new skills to resolve conflicts that arise and ultimately lessen your unhappiness. Our work together can empower you to create a more abundant future life with enhanced relationships.

I will always be authentic, honest and respectful. Life is so complex and living a fulfilled life can sometimes feel elusive. I consider your actions to get help major and a healthy step towards moving forward in your life.

I have clients across Canada, US and in other parts of the world. Distance counseling is an excellent choice if you travel often or attending a session in person is difficult.

Each of us needs help from time to time to view our lives with more clarity & cultivate a fuller, richer self.

Helping with:

Abuse Issues
Adult Survivor of Sexual Abuse
Anger Resolution
Anxiety Reduction
Conflict Resolution
Eating Disorders
Grief & Depression
Internet Abuse & Addiction
Marriage/Couples Therapy
Power/Control Issues
Stress Reduction
Workplace Issues